Ethiopian Bishop Says Acts of Mercy Begin within the Family

Continuing the observation of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, a Bishop in northern Ethiopia reaches out to families to promote forgiveness and reconciliation.

Bishop Tesfassilassie, the Eparch of Adigrat in Ethiopia, has called on the Catholic faithful in Ethiopia to commit to acts of mercy within their families. He said that the Church in Ethiopia and particularly the Eparchy of Adigrat will be encouraging separated married couples to overcome their differences and reconcile during the Jubilee Year of Mercy:

“The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy gives us the opportunity to stand back and evaluate our lives, with regard to how merciful we have been towards others. It is a time during which we can indeed practice being merciful like the Father, whom we ask to be merciful towards us.”

Bishop Tesfassilassie called on the faithful to look at the year of Mercy as a time of spiritual renewal.

Bishop Tesfassilassie said that the Eparchy of Adigrat has already drawn up a plan of actions for the year and prepared a booklet in the local language Tigrigna, to be distributed among the faithful to guide the activities for the Year of Mercy. The Door of Mercy has also been opened at the Holy Saviour Catholic Cathedral in the town of Adigrat, and it has since been open to the faithful in accordance with the instructions of the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

According to the Eparch of Adigrat, pilgrimages and other spiritual activities will be organised for the faithful as a community. At the same time, the Church will also encourage the faithful to practice engaging in Corporal and Spiritual Acts of Mercy throughout the year. He said practicing such Acts in this Jubilee Year will encourage the people to make Corporal and Spiritual Acts of Mercy part of their lives even long after the Year of Mercy ends.

The Eparchy of Adigrat consists of the Tigray and Afar Regions in the northern part of Ethiopia, where a significant number of Catholic faithful are present.

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