A ‘Catholic Toolkit for Young Europeans’ ahead of 2024 EU elections

As the 2024 European elections approach, COMECE (Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union) has released the ‘Catholic Toolkit for Young Europeans’. This comprehensive toolkit aims to empower young people across Europe to actively engage in the democratic process, guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Developed by the COMECE Youth Platform, which brings together Catholic youth organizations active at the EU level, this toolkit includes resources and insights specifically tailored for young people and youth organizations.

It provides them with essential tools to communicate about the EU elections and navigate the often-unclear context of the upcoming elections. Focusing on encouraging voter participation, the toolkit underscores the importance of civic engagement and the pivotal role of youth in shaping Europe’s future.

“We hope that this tool will be useful for young people and will motivate them to take active part in political life, starting from the coming EU elections. We encourage them to be aware of the importance of their vote as a concrete way to contribute to the European project that is their future”, says Fr. Manuel Barrios Prieto, General Secretary of COMECE.

The toolkit offers a diverse array of resources, including informative content, reflection questions, and practical guidance on the electoral process. Inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, it motivates young people to reflect on the ethical aspects of their political involvement, emphasising values like solidarity, justice, and human dignity.

Structured into five main sections, each begins with a relevant quote from an Encyclical letter or Apostolic exhortation. The toolkit delves into topics such as politics, citizenship, the Common Good, European identity, and critical thinking. At the end of each section, questions prompt readers to reflect on the material and consider their decisions in light of the upcoming elections. Additionally, the toolkit offers practical insights into the European election process, including useful links for young people. These resources aim to help them understand how to vote and the impact of the European Union on citizens at the local and regional levels.

With the support of the COMECE Youth Net, the toolkit has been translated into 13 languages. This ensures that all young people can understand its messages and share the materials with their peers.

The COMECE Youth Platform equips young people with the knowledge and resources they need to actively participate in the elections, fostering a culture of active citizenship and democratic participation among Europe’s youth. Download the toolkit [onlineprintable]

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